Shakira will see Piqué’s face in the coming days

Shakira will see Piqué’s face in the coming days

Although for many the melodrama starring Shakira and Gerard Piqué had come to an end, it seems that there are still some chapters of this novel.

And it is that both the singer and the exfubolista will have to see their faces again in court. Specifically, to finalize the last details regarding the coexistence that both will have with their two children, Sasha and Milan, after the abrupt separation.

According to information published by the newspaper El Universal de México, the appointment between Shakira and Piqué would take place on December 1 at the Court of First Instance and Family No. 18 in Barcelona. They will come at mid-morning to ratify the agreement they reached a few days ago.

This could be the last meeting between them for the rest of the year. Especially after the Colombian moves with her children to Miami after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

After the signing of Gerard and the singer of «Monotony» before the judge, the agreement will be ratified in Spain. The next step will be to validate it in Miami.

The close environment of the ex-partner assured that they are in a tug of war for the date of the transfer; since while Shakira wants to leave Barcelona on the first day of 2023, Piqué insists that the children spend the entire vacation period in Barcelona with their family.

barbie shake

While all this information transcends the public arena, the Colombian does not stop boasting the popularity that overflowed after her separation with Piqué. The last thing she posted on her Instagram account was a small but humorous video in which she paid tribute to her career.

This is a clip made by one of her fans, quite obsessive by the way, in which she recreates each of the singer’s hits on Barbie dolls. There are at least 24 figures made in the image and likeness.

«My collection of barbie dolls @shakira. All dolls made by me. Which is your favorite? I still have to do a few more to have the whole multi-Shakira-verse complete,” said the user who identifies himself on Instagram as @popculture.dolls.

“Check this out! I feel humbled and intrigued to play with them too!” Shak reacted.

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