She is alive?  They assure that Luis Miguel’s mother is alive and hospitalized in Buenos Aires

She is alive? They assure that Luis Miguel’s mother is alive and hospitalized in Buenos Aires


As the years have passedLuis Miguel He has become increasingly secretive about his private life and prefers to avoid giving interviews to the media and even making public appearances when he is not on tour giving concerts. A topic that he has never touched on, except in his Netflix series, is the whereabouts of his mother And, although it has been widely said that she is dead, some of her relatives assure that she is still alive. live and they even know where it is.

The life of Luis Miguel it’s a mystery; However, in his series he revealed a little more of his story, his beginnings as a singer, his first years as Michelle Salas’ father and even what his relationship with his parents was like. In this it was also clear that he and his father had some problems, especially because of the excessive demands he placed on the singer to become as successful as he is today. While with Marcela Basteri He seemed closer and more loving.

Supposedly, Luisito Rey’s mistreatment of his Argentine wife would be what led her to make the decision to distance herself from him, also leaving her children aside to start a new life. After her departure nothing was heard from her again, whether he had returned to her native country with her family or whether he had died. For his part, the singer of hits like La Inconditional and Sabor a mi undertook different searches to find the whereabouts of his mother, but he was not successful in any of them.

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Luis Miguel’s cousin assures that Marcela Basteri is alive

On several occasions, alleged maternal relatives of Luis Miguel stating that Marcela Basteri this live After years, nothing has been heard from her. Today, once again, a woman who claims to be the singer’s cousin asserts that she herself visits the missing woman. During an interview for an Argentine media, she said that she is admitted to a clinic in Buenos Aires and that there she receives medication and the necessary care for her mental illness.

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“Marcela lives. She is the person I am going to visit. She is the mother by Luis Miguel”Della Torre said. As always, Luis Miguel remains silent and has not denied any of the words of those who claim his mother is still alive.

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