She is not his daughter: Brazilian court closes the case of Pelé’s alleged heir – La Opinion

She is not his daughter: Brazilian court closes the case of Pelé’s alleged heir – La Opinion

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The Brazilian Justice determined this Wednesday that Maria do Socorro Azevedothe woman who claimed to be the daughter of Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’, He has no biological link with the iconic footballer, as reported to the EFE agency by the lawyer representing Pelé’s family, Augusto Miglioli.

At the end of last year, Socorro de Azevedo He underwent two tests to compare his DNA with the genetic material of Pelé’s children, of which one turned out to be negative and another partially unfinished, Therefore, the court determined that there was “robust” evidence to deny Pelé’s paternity and rejected the request for a new test.

According to the information provided by Miglioli, the defense of Socorro de Azevedo intended to request an exhumation of the body of the former footballer, who died in 2022, to take the exam, something that the court determined “unnecessary” given the tests already carried out.

In his will, Pelé admitted that he could have one more heir in addition to his widow, Marcia Aoki and his six children and two grandchildren, and when Socorro de Azevedo initiated the action to determine the alleged paternity, the ‘king of soccer’ agreed to submit to a DNA test, but ended up dying before taking the test.

Although the court has decreed the fulfillment of Pelé’s will, Socorro de Azevedo can still appeal the court decision to access a part of the inheritance that, as reported last year by the lawyer of three of his children, Augusto Miglioli, It would be reserved until paternity is proven.

Although Justice does not specify the entirety of this fortune, the American business magazine Forbes stated that the assets left behind may reach 15 million dollars and some media outlets estimate that the figure may be much higher.

The former soccer player had three children with Rosimeri Cholbi (Edinho, Jennifer and Kely) and later married Assiria Nascimento, who gave birth to two twins (Joshua and Celeste).

Flávia Nascimiento is another daughter of a relationship outside of marriage and the list of heirs is completed with Otavio and Gabriel Felinto, her grandchildren and children of Sandra Regina, who was recognized as Pelé’s daughter for Justice and died of cancer in 2006.

*With information from EFE.

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