“She is unrecognizable”: This is what Kate Middleton would look like in the middle of her cancer treatment

“She is unrecognizable”: This is what Kate Middleton would look like in the middle of her cancer treatment


Kate Middleton has been going through quite complicated moments in terms of her health since 2024 began, well remember that in the month of January it was reported that she would have to undergo abdominal surgery, and several weeks later in the month of March, she herself princess announced that she had been detected canceralthough so far it is not known what type.

This information had to come to light in the own words of the wife of the prince william after countless conspiracy theories began to emerge about her state of health after surgery and because she had not been seen during the Christmas holidays of 2023, so there were many questions surrounding it.

Since then, he has rarely been seen. Wale’s princess in public, as she has preferred to carry out her treatment much more privately and surrounded by her family away from the spotlight, although this continues to generate a lot of speculation and criticism for not giving more details about her state of health.


Kate Middleton’s physical changes appear to be cancer

Now, they are talking about all the Physical changes what the daughter-in-law of King Charles III would be going through in the midst of cancer and the chemotherapies she is taking and which would be quite common in this disease as part of its consequences.

According to the media “El Nacional”, some sources close to the British royal family have announced that some of the changes that the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis is going through is that she has lost about 15 kilos, therefore which now it would look “unrecognizable.”

In addition to the noticeable weight loss, you would also be suffering from some of the side effects more common, because apart from being thinner, she has also lost hair, she is tired and one of the most common symptoms she presents is that she is nauseous.


“Unfortunately it is becoming more difficult. He suffers daily from nausea, fatigue, hair loss and weight loss,” Radar Online reported.

Although it was initially said that Middleton would return to his real work For after the Easter holidays, the reality is that several weeks have already passed and everything indicates that there is no date for this, since now they are waiting for the recommendations and green light from their doctors.


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