Sheep are caught walking in a circle for no reason [video]

Sheep are caught walking in a circle for no reason [video]


In social networkss became a trend video in which several sheep are seen walking while forming a almost perfect circle According to the first reports, this conduct it was detected at the beginning of November, and to date they have not been stopped. The facts were left registered on a farm located in Asia.

The material generated hundreds of reactions on the web, since users have issued a number of speculations that are related to paranormal aspects and even superstitious, since they believe that it is a sign that is announced that something bad is going to happen in the humanity, or that is linked to extraterrestrial life.

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People who claim to be specialists, and they mentioned that this may have a Explanation scientific, and it is not the first time that something similar has been observed in other species. If you want to know more about it, then we will share the recording and the position of the experts.

How do sheep move?

In the video a group of sheep appears, advancing in a circle in the direction of the clock hands. I agree with you disseminated materials, as well as the testimony of the owners, the animals have been like this for a long time and have not stopped, because they move in the day and night.

This was detected on a farm in northern China, in Baoutou, in the region of Mongolia. It was indicated that this enclosure has 34 pens, but the event has occurred in number 13, this has caused the theories increase.

the chinese medium People鈥檚 Daily went to this place to interview the owner, who explained that the unusual conduct started the past November 4th. She said that first a couple of sheep did it, and little by little more joined them.

The farmer He added that he has checked his herd constantly to rule out any suffering, so he assured that none of them are sick or have some kind of problem.

A possible explanation

after it was done viral this recording, people on the web held a discussion to explain what is happening. One of the postures The most popular points to the fact that it is a bacterium that forces them to carry out these routes.

The Merck Manual of Veterinary Medicine states that there is a bacteriological disease called listeriosis, known the same as 鈥榗ircle disease鈥. That could indicate it鈥檚 the result of an outbreak.

鈥淚nitially, the animals affected suffer from anorexia and depression and are disoriented. They can move to a corner, lean on on fixed objects or turn around the affected side鈥, it was specified in the work.

Although, animals affected by this bacterium die between 24 and 48 hours after presenting the first symptoms, and these sheep have more than 15 days like this walked in this way without rest.

Note originally published in The Sun of Puebla


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