Sherlyn is in terrible pain: her Pomeranian dog named Neni Bo died

Sherlyn is in terrible pain: her Pomeranian dog named Neni Bo died


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For many celebrities, their pets are a member of their family and, when something something bad happens to them or they die, they can’t help but express their sadness and this is exactly what just happened to Sherlyn, as reported by Mezcalent.

Through her Instagram Stories, the actress shared the news of the death of her Pomeranian dog named Neni Boo, who was her faithful companion for more than ten years and who even met her son André and witnessed several of his pranks.

On Instagram, the singer and actress accompanied a heartfelt video with the following words: “Thank you my @laneniboo for these years of so much happiness, You accompanied me the last 7 years of my life, at the moment of rethinking my life, of loving myself again and embracing the woman that I am. By your side we rethink the family, in very long nights with you by my side, my fear was removed and I made the most important decision of my life, to be the mother of a human baby this time.

“My motherhood was a sweet wait by your side, we experienced the jealousy of becoming the older sister, we both grew in love and patience; you soothed the heart of the entire family with your fan tail and your cold nose, companion of my mother’s heart. With so much love and loyalty, We saw Diego grow, we saw Andre grow and today I have to say goodbye to you and I just want you to know that we will always love you my Neni Azul. See you on the bridge at the end of the rainbow.”

“I’m remembering all the times we slept cuddled up and curled up. To all the people who are going through a loss like me, I hug your heart. I also want to thank you for all the lovely messages and all the support you have sent to my family and me.Sherlyn said, unable to contain her tears.

Likewise, the actress who in recent days expressed her desire to be a mother again, published a photograph in which you can see the urn with the ashes of her dog and a flower arrangement on a small table in what appears to be the living room from his house.

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