Ship that collided with the Baltimore bridge has containers with dangerous chemicals – La Opinion

Ship that collided with the Baltimore bridge has containers with dangerous chemicals – La Opinion


The ship, which arrived in the United States from China on March 13, was built in 2015 and has the flag of Singapore, operated one of the shipping lines of the Danish transport and logistics company Maersk, without further details of the cargo it was transporting being known.

However, as the hours passed, in addition to the tragic death of six people, it was revealed that the ship that brought down the Baltimore bridge was transporting 56 containers with dangerous chemical materials and some of them fell into the water after the impact.

After the accident, Synergy Group, the shipping company that owns the vessel, said in a statement that There were no details of how the collision occurred, but that they have “mobilized” a response service and are “cooperating fully with federal and state government agencies.”

The company also reported that “all crew members were unharmed,” but did not detail what type of cargo the huge vehicle contained.

The multinational Maersk confirmed that it had temporarily rented the container ship “Dali” and that it was transporting company cargo, without further description.

However, now authorities estimate that the containers contain 764 tons of corrosive and flammable materials, such as lithium-ion batteries, Jennifer Homendy, president of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), explained in a press conference. English).

He added that some of the containers were broken by the crash and that glitter was found in the river waters.

According to Homendy, the area right now is “dangerous” due to the amount of debris and the bad weather.which makes diving impossible so that the teams can verify the status of the containers that fell into the water.

The freighter Dali remains at the scene of the accident, where it collided early Tuesday against the Francis Scott Key Bridge, near the port of Baltimore, causing it to collapse.

Investigators also concluded that there were 23 people on board the freighter, two of them pilots of the ship who will be interviewed in the coming days.

Authorities also revealed a timeline of events according to which the ship left the port of Baltimore at 12:39 local time and several alarms sounded on the ship at 1:24.

The pilot issued a first warning to the tugboats in the area at 1:26 and at 1:27 he dropped anchor and warned by radio that they were going to collide with the bridge, something that happened at 1:29.

Homendy predicted that The investigation into the crash and collapse of the bridge will last between one and two years.

“We have an incredible team of people who are focused on very specific areas of expertise, so I have no doubt that we will be able to achieve this together in 12 to 24 months,” he said.

Rescue teams paused the search for the deceased until further notice this Wednesday after finding the bodies of two of the six construction workers who died in the collapse.

*With information from EFE.

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