Silvia Pinal reappears at Alejandra Guzmán’s birthday celebration

Silvia Pinal reappears at Alejandra Guzmán’s birthday celebration

The first actress, Silvia Pinalreappeared happy at a family event, after announcing his entry into the hospital weeks ago.

His daughter, Alejandra Guzmanturned 55 and celebrated surrounded by her family and friends.

The singer shared through her Instagram account a series of Photographs of her celebration where she was accompanied by Silvia Pinal.

Both posed next to the interpreter’s cake. “Hey guera” while they smiled.

“My Mommy celebrating me! I love her, thank you mommy for making this beauty,” Alejandra wrote in her post.

Besides, the famous He also gave a preview to his fans about a news that he will reveal through his YouTube platform.

“Attention rockers Tomorrow I will have a surprise for you on my channel Youtube”. said the singer.

Silvia Pinal was hospitalized for 10 days

Silvia Pinal92 years old, left the hospital on December 31, where she was hospitalized for 10 days due to a case of influenza that kept her in intensive therapy.

The last diva of Golden Cinema Mexican was under special care for several days.

“(Yes, he will have special care) so that he swallows and so that it does not go to his lungs again (…) we want to prevent food from going to his lungs, that is why it is porridge and then chopped and so on, little by little. She is doing very well and eats very well, they have already removed the tube and the catheter, she is already bathed and they have painted her nails,” she explained at that time. Alejandra Guzman.

For months, the health of Silvia Pinal has been a topic of conversation because he abandoned the presentations of the play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandma?” because it had to be attended to on several occasions.

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