Snowfall Helps Douse Colorado Fires and Evacuees Face Devastation

Snowfall Helps Douse Colorado Fires and Evacuees Face Devastation

A statue of the Virgin Mary stands in the rubble of a fire-destroyed home in Louisville.

A statue of the Virgin Mary stands in the rubble of a fire-destroyed home in Louisville.

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The thousands of inhabitants evacuated from two cities of Colorado who suffered the devastation caused by the forest fires Marshall and Middle Fork that sprang up and grew rapidly on Thursday, due to gusts of wind reaching speeds in excess of 105 mph, They began returning to their neighborhoods on Friday to assess the damage caused by the fire.

Tens of thousands of residents of the cities of Superior and Louisville, in Boulder County, were forced to flee on Thursday for their lives and hundreds of houses were destroyed in a short time, as the fire spread intensely and in a matter of minutes, in extreme weather conditions with gusts of hurricane force windsauthorities said.

The fires were apparently caused by falling power poles in an area that has suffered from extreme drought.

No deaths have been reported from these wildfires in Colorado.



It could be a “new year’s miracle,” said the governor. Jared Polis. One person reported missing was found and several others have been treated for injuries, authorities said.

At least 1,000 houses were burned to the groundreported local newspaper The Denver Gazette.

Firefighters reported that the snowfall that occurred on Friday helped put out the fires.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has placed part of Colorado on a winter storm watch and forecast more snowfall in the coming days.

Huge shreds

The damage is enormous: aerial images show entire streets reduced to smoking ash. Unlike other fires, these were not limited to rural areas and reached cities.

“The families had just a few minutes to collect everything they could -the animals, their children- in the car and leave”, said the governed Jared Polis at a press conference on Friday. It happened “in the blink of an eye.”

“When you see the devastation, it is amazing that we do not have a list of 100 missing persons, but we do not have one,” the Louisiana Sheriff said during a news conference.


The Boulder Office of Emergency Management asked residents to stay out of evacuation zones Friday morning, although some had already started the recovery process.


On a Facebook page, dozens of people posted about animals they were looking for or found in and around the burned areas.

The authorities are also collaborating in the rescue of the animals:

In a call to Governor Polis, President Joe biden He promised that “everything possible will be done to provide immediate assistance to affected people and populations,” according to the White House.

Biden approved an expedited major disaster declaration to be finalized later that day., Polis reported.


“What that means is that it allows those who suffered losses, small businesses and homeowners, not to have to wait for the preliminary damage assessment for home and small business assistance,” Polis said. “So that will be available very soon.”

“And the President sends his regards to the people of Colorado and those directly affected.”

Governor Polis had declared a state of emergency since Thursday, allowing the state to access emergency disaster funds to assist in the immediate response to the fires.


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