Stellar Blade remains the best-selling game in Japan and other countries

Stellar Blade remains the best-selling game in Japan and other countries

The new Action RPG Shift Up known as Stellar Blade was released less than a month ago and quickly became a critical and sales success. This is due to several factors, such as its impressive graphics, its dynamic combat system and the appearance of its beautiful protagonist, EVE. As expected, this title originating from South Korea was well received around the world, but resonated greatly with the Japanese audience, where it sold many copies.

Stellar Blade continues to be Japan’s favorite video game!

Stellar Blade In Japan ImgStellar Blade In Japan Img

This was announced by the official Stellar Blade account in Twitter, which confirmed that the new Shift Up video game remains at the top of the sales charts in Japan for the third consecutive week (And that it also continues to be a success in many other countries). To celebrate, the Twitter account posted an adorable image of the game’s 5 main female characters posing and smiling for a photo. All this was reported by Famitsuwho also published the official numbers: In this last week, Stellar Blade sold 13,033 unitsaccumulating a total of 80,164 units sold since its official launch on April 26.

At first glance, this may not seem like a very large number, but there are many factors to consider that make this success of Shift Up particularly surprising: Stellar Blade introduced a completely new intellectual property to the world, so it couldn’t depend of the passion of pre-existing fans to sell copies. Not to mention that this is an exclusive video game PlayStation 5, so from the start it was already facing the problem of having a much smaller audience. Also, remember that there are 80,164 units sold in a single country, so this number must be even larger if we take into account its global sales.

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The success of Stellar Blade in Japan caught the attention of many people, since, as we mentioned previously, Shift Up is a studio from South Korea. We are used to seeing and trying Japanese-made video games that are successful around the world, while South Korean developers tend to specialize in “Gacha” titles for mobile devices (such as Goddess of Victory: NikkeShift Up’s other flagship title) It is not common for a Korean studio to release a video game “Triple A” for consoles, so the fact that this has sold so many copies and has resonated so much with the Japanese public is something that could change the Korean industry forever.

In addition to Stellar Blade’s third consecutive week as the #1 video game in Japan, the other members of this ranking are very interesting, since they give us a good look at the current market in this country. Although it obviously includes new titles, such as Endless Ocean Luminous either Princess Peach: Showtime!, there are many other video games that are still huge bestsellers in Japan, even though they were released a long time ago. As Minecraft, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe either Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Stellar Blade Official PosterStellar Blade Official Poster

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