Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita share their first photos as a couple

Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita share their first photos as a couple

Humberto Stephanie

Stephanie Salas Y Humberto Zurita They shared their first photos together after confirming their relationship in mid-October.

Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter and Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter used her Instagram account to show off her love for the actor in a photo shoot where they both wear dark glasses and leather jackets.

The images capture the couple embracing in two different poses. In the post published in the stories, Stephanie Salas wrote: “It is not the most beautiful story, nor the most perfect, it is ours“. While in the original publication, the actress presented her photos with the phrase “Once upon a time… love“.


In the comment box of the post, they highlighted the messages of Kika Edgar, Lorena Herrera, Michelle Salas and Patricia Manterola, who wrote hearts and expressed their support for the couple.

“What happiness it gives me to see them together! I love you! ”, Wrote Kika Edgar, who received comments from Instagram users who recalled the speculation about the alleged relationship she had with Humberto Zurita.

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