Stephanie Salas talked about the relationship she has with Luis Miguel: are they friends now?

Stephanie Salas talked about the relationship she has with Luis Miguel: are they friends now?


The romance between Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas It was very fleeting, but that didn’t mean it didn’t stop having ‘big’ consequences. The proof is that today, after just over 30 years of that idyll, the fruit of it is already a successful model: Michelle Salas. And although ‘Mich’ was raised by her mother alone, over the years she improved her relationship with ‘El Sol.’ Although Luismi and Stephanie did not get back together as a couple, today many showbiz fans wonder what their coexistence is like.

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What is Luis Miguel’s relationship with Stephanie Salas like now?

Many fans of Stephanie Salas On Instagramthey usually call her ‘The Best Ex in the World’, since they consider her discreet, benevolent, mature, and even too patient with the slights they Luis Miguel has had towards her and towards their daughter. However, Stephanie had to go through a long process of forgiveness to achieve what she has today: only cordial interactions with the ‘Under the Table’ singer. Something that can’t even be called a staunch friendship, but is civil enough to intrigue anyone.

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In fact, the most recent statement of Stephanie Salas about Luis Migueltook place months after his daughter’s wedding. When Michelle Salas She married businessman Danilo Díaz Carrera, and a new relationship arose with Luismi. Thanks to Salas’ social networks, the public knows that ‘El Sol’ even attended her daughter’s wedding, where he took the opportunity to accompany her, but also to emphasize to Stephanie that she is a great mother.

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After such a ‘compliment,’ and in recent days, Stephanie Salas He declared before various media outlets that every bad experience with Luis Miguel was practically forgotten. When the reproteros asked about her feelings about Michelle being close to Luismi again, she was very clear: I don’t know, I’m very happy for mine. It’s good that things are good. When I see my people happy, I am happy. As for the rest, I try not to take anything personally.

It is worth mentioning that Stephanie Salas He never considered “Luismi” as a prospect again. Today, she has a current romance with the actor Humberto Zurita. Since 2022, both celebrities began a relationship, and for Humberto in particular, Stephanie is his first formal relationship since 2019. It was in that year when Zurita lost his wife: the actress Christian Bachwho was the mother of his children and his partner for 34 long years.

Photo: Instagram / @stephaniesalasoficial

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