Steps you must follow to revive your car after a long winter

Revisando el aceite del auto

Many of the car owners, before the arrival of winter, decide store your vehicles until the cold, snowy and icy season is over. When you store a vehicle you must prepare it so that it does not suffer damage due to not being used.

Now that spring is here, everyone can start pulling out their vehicles and starting enjoy them without exposing them to winter pollutants.

However, for this you must revive your car and prepare it to work properly.

Therefore, here we tell you the steps you must follow to revive your car after a long winter.

1.- Check all the fluids

This means checking the oil and checking that it is at the right level and that its consistency is good. Also, take a look at the coolant level, also check the brake fluid as well as the power steering and automatic transmission fluid.

If something looks suspicious or out of place, take your vehicle in for maintenance.

2.- The tires

Properly inflated tires ensure that your car or truck drives, stops and rides as intended, improving overall safety. Beyond this, they can even reduce fuel consumption, saving you money at the pump.

Keeping your vehicle鈥檚 tires filled to manufacturer-recommended specifications is smart in more ways than one. Remember, they gradually lose air over time, so regular checks are important. Especially if your summer tires have been in storage for a few months, they may not be in the same condition as when you left them.

3.- Control the Climate

With the scorching heat about to hit, you鈥檒l probably want to make sure your vehicle鈥檚 air conditioning system is up to the task to keep it cool. Consequently, it is advisable to visit a service center to have the entire air conditioning system checked.

They can recharge the system if necessary or repair other faulty components so you can drive in comfort all year round.

4.- Maximize visibility

Visibility is important while driving, that鈥檚 a fact. Make sure to clean the windows inside and out. Over time, a chemical scum can form on the inside of your vehicle鈥檚 glass, blocking visibility.

Take the time to clean this dirt and improve the outside vision.

5.- Road lighting

Another component is your car鈥檚 lighting system. Obviously, headlights allow you to see at night, which means they鈥檙e pretty important.

Unfortunately, like most things, they can require maintenance from time to time. Older vehicles often suffer from automotive cataracts, a condition that causes headlights to become rough and chalky-feeling, dramatically affecting their effectiveness.

6.- Give him a bath

To remove built-up dirt and grime, give your car or truck a well-deserved bath. Take it to a car wash to remove these contaminants and make it shine once again. Paying a little more for a chassis cleaning is not a bad idea either.


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