Stick!  Maripily will invite everyone to her birthday, except Lupillo Rivera – El Diario NY

Stick! Maripily will invite everyone to her birthday, except Lupillo Rivera – El Diario NY

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After winning the fourth season of The House of the Famous 4Maripily Rivera plans to celebrate her 47th birthday in a big way with all the reality show participants, except Lupillo Rivera. The Puerto Rican was excited when she saw the images of the Puerto Ricans who took to the streets to support her.

After getting to know yourself better on the reality show, what would you improve about yourself?
After this experience, what would I improve about myself? I understand that I try to be a better person every day. I missed my family a lot, I missed my son a lot. I have always valued them, but this time I valued them more. And I knew that I had an audience that loved me, but I didn’t know that I had an audience that loved me and loved me so much and that it overflowed and that I united a country to see me, to fight for me, to celebrate with me, and that makes me happy.

“I understand that the protagonists here, the ones who won, were them, it wasn’t me.”

Your birthday is approaching, how are you going to celebrate it?
Well look, I want to celebrate it big and I also want people to have the opportunity to celebrate it with me because I have the full Earth team and I also have Geraldine (Bazán) and Alana who are going to travel from Mexico to here (Puerto Rico). and I want to celebrate it.

“My birthday is June 15, right now. Mostly on my birthdays I have two parties, I have one in Puerto Rico with all my people and I have another in Miami, because well I also have people in Miami. And I’m going to celebrate this one big, because there are many reasons why I have to celebrate these 47 years with pride, well, I say them.”

Anyone you’re not going to invite?
Well, look, on my birthday, who I wouldn’t invite would be Lupillo because he’s not welcome to Puerto Rico, and I imagine he’s not welcome in anything that concerns Maripily Rivera.

What did you think when they eliminated him and he didn’t say anything to you?
Well, look, when they eliminated him I said ‘My God, justice was done’; because the divine justice of God and the truth always comes to light and the public, because the public defended me, was the one who fought for me and I thank them.

Are the rest invited to your birthday?
Yes, I invite everyone else because in reality this is a reality show. The page turns, living for four months with twenty-seven personalities who have different characters, ways of living, different values, it is not easy; So it’s normal for us to fight.

“A dysfunctional family that we experience every day was also experienced here in this reality show, ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’.”

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