Stop educating your children to be employees: Nathanael Cano

Stop educating your children to be employees: Nathanael Cano


It seemed that Nathanael Cano would no longer be involved in polemics well for a weather he had been very quiet.

Between the topics gave him the most to talk about, was the occasion in which faced to the also singer and composer Pepe Aguilar.

A brawl that quickly turned the country and other parts of the world to mention that their “lying down corridos” were the best there was in the Mexican regional.

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Recently the man from Hermosillo did not leave in against of a person if not of the system educational Mexican.

makes a weatherduring an interview Nathanael Cano advises all kids who want to be like him, to go in search of their dreams.

Many times it has disputed the actions of singer and much more criticized his lack of education, but this does not change that the fame is something left over in your life artistic.

“Stop educating your children to be employees,” he said.

Nathanael Cano, who self-appointed “NataKong”, expressed a strong criticism about the way and strategies used in schools in the country to educate infants.

It was through a history on your page Instagram who wrote a text with his humble opinion.

“Stop educating your children for a world that no longer exists, stop educating your children to be employees,” the singer-songwriter wrote. Sonoran.

Also advised parents allow their sons do what they are passionate about and not study “insignificant” things in a world so complicated.

At the end of the text he added that the education comes from home, in the family, a appearance that has always been discussed and that today Nathanael highlights; and added that the system Mexican he is old and lost.

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“I got tired of the old and lost system in which I was studying, and I began to study myself, and here I am. The school of life does not fail or end,” he said.

surely this criticism will have both good and bad reactionsbecause it can be understood and taken from different prospects.

Information published in The Sun of Hermosillo


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