Student brings marijuana gummies to elementary school and ends up intoxicating classmates

Just three days after New Mexico will start the legal sales from cannabis recreational for 21 year old adults or more, a primary student in the area of Albuquerque I wear marijuana gummies to school and shared them with more than others 10 students.

The Public School District Bernalillo on New Mexico revealed that there is a research ongoing since the student who brought sweets with THC infusion to Algodones Elementary Schoolshared them with others 14 students and they all ended up in the hospital.

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The town of cottons is located north of Albuquerque.

“East Tuesday at approximately 1:00 p.m. notified to management from school Primary Cottons that a student brought THC-infused edibles and shared them with approximately others 14 students”, noted the statement.

According to the school, the District is already collaborating with the medical staff and law enforcement to investigate and respond this fact.

At this time, all involved students have been evaluated and are under the care of medical staff and they are stable. Likewise, it was announced that the parents had already been notified.

“Like any other school system in New Mexico, we will have to deal with educating our families, children and staff on what to look for and how to provide safe environments for our children under this new era of legalization.”

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The incident occurred three days after New Mexico began the legal sale of recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older.

Originally posted on The Herald of Juarez

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