Students in the US maintain protests against the war in Gaza despite suspensions and arrests – La Opinion

Students in the US maintain protests against the war in Gaza despite suspensions and arrests – La Opinion

Pro-Palestinian student protests continue at universities in the United States despite the expulsions in schools and the warnings from the authorities to continue with the evictions and arrests.

An example of this is the New York University of Columbia where this Tuesday Dozens of students keep Hamilton Hall busyone of the most important buildings in the educational complex, hours after the center’s management began to apply suspensions to those involved in the protests.

“Dozens of Columbia University students occupy Hamilton Hall, site of the 1968 occupation”can be read on the Columbia Students for Justice X social network account.

In addition, the Public Affairs office of Columbia University stated that the “safety of each and every” member of its community is “paramount” and that they are already implementing the first measures.

We have asked members of the university community to avoid coming to the Morningside campus they do; “essential personnel must report to work in accordance with university policy,” said office spokesman Ben Yang in a statement.

Students in the US continue protests against the war in Gaza despite suspensions and arrests
Students maintain protests despite suspensions.
Credit: Stefan Jeremiah | AP

Access to the campus has been limited to students who live in residences in the complex itself and to employees who provide basic services.

According to local media reports, many of the students who were camped in the West Lawn area To protest Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, they spontaneously headed to Hamilton Hall to occupy it during the early hours of this Tuesday.

Columbia University had given until two in the afternoon yesterday, Monday, New York time, for They dismantled the camp under the threat of suspending them until next yearbut they decided to keep it standing.

The protests in Columbia in rejection of US policy in support of Israel, add to those carried out in the University of Texas (UT), in Austin, where students refuse to comply with eviction orders issued by the academic entity.

In videos shared on social networks and local media, it was possible to see how The students were arrested yesterday Monday by riot police from the Texas State Police who entered the university campus and forcibly broke up a camp.

At the site, tents and tables set up by protesters were removed and it is estimated that around 50 students were arrested, including a photojournalist for the Fox network, Carlos Sánchez, who faces federal charges for allegedly “attacking” a police officer.

With information from EFE and DW.

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