Survivor 2024: Who is expelled TODAY, Sunday, March 24?

Survivor 2024: Who is expelled TODAY, Sunday, March 24?


In recent years, television stations have opted for the reality show format, so when one title stops airing, another goes on air. Recently, Exatlón México 2024 ended up resulting in Mati Álvarez and Pato Araujo as finalists. Therefore, a couple of weeks ago the new season of Survivor 2024which has already started its first finalists. Who is he expelled from today? We reveal to you who would be eliminated today, Sunday, March 24.

Survivor 2024 It began on March 11 and with Carlos Guerrero, “El Warrior” once again hosting the program. On the part of the participants there are new faces that appear in the reality show and little by little the teams have been strengthened, forming alliances, creating strategies and the first eliminated of one of the teams. As usual, the format throws one eliminated every weekend and last Friday it was Manola Diez, who was part of ‘Jaguares’.

This Sunday will once again be elimination night on the TV Azteca reality show. It will be at 8:30 pm that we can meet the second expelledalthough the name of the person who will leave the competition today has already been leaked. In the various social networks, speculation has already begun about who could come out this week, a spoiler suggests that the weakest rival is Matías Gruener, since his teammates have voted for him to reach the elimination duel due to his poor performance in recent days. .

Who is the second eliminated from Survivor 2023?

Everything indicates that tonight at the end of the elimination duel it will be Matías Gruener he second eliminated of Survivor Mexico 2024 and unfortunately he will have to say goodbye to the competition and his teammates today, Sunday, March 24, despite his efforts to continue competing for the grand prize. Susana Zabaleta’s son will return home empty-handed, but with the experience of having been part of one of the most famous reality shows on Mexican television. With his departure, the Jaguares tribe is left without one more participant.


Hawk Tribe (Green)

  • Antonia Salazar, alias “Toñita”
  • Eli Varela
  • Janette Morales
  • Ceci Ponce
  • Maria Guadalupe Becerra
  • Beng Zeng
  • Edwin Ala Monzalvo
  • Osky Tlatelpa
  • Nico Vives
  • White Tiger

Jaguar Tribe (Yellow)

  • Esmeralda Zamora
  • Gaby Fernandez
  • Itzel Peniche
  • Manola Diez (first eliminated)
  • Lizbeth Rodriguez
  • Matías Gruener (second eliminated)
  • John Guts
  • Gabriel Pontones, alias “El Rasta”
  • Beni Falcon
  • Jean Carlo Rivas
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