Sydney Sweeney prepares for her visit to CDMX to the rhythm of mariachi

Sydney Sweeney prepares for her visit to CDMX to the rhythm of mariachi

Prior to your visit to CDMX, Sydney Sweeney She enjoyed her vacation accompanied by mariachi. With this, she excited Mexicans who are eagerly awaiting the presentation of the actress’s new film, titled Immaculate.

Through a post by instagram, Sweeney shared his love for Mexican culture, because not only danced to the rhythm of La Bamba in the company of Mexican musicians, but also put a mariachi hat on his dog.

Given this, the reactions did not wait and in addition to recognizing the Sydney Sweeney’s love for Mexican culturethey assured that the actress was already in Mexico, specifically on the beaches of Mazatlán.

Although the actress did not confirm her stay in Mexico at the moment, Sweeney will visit Mexico City on May 1, as part of the promotion of the Immaculatefilm in which he stars.

Immaculate is a psychological horror and suspense film with which Sydney Sweeney says goodbye to her role as Bea, with which she starred in the romantic comedy Anyone but You along with Glen Powell.

What is it about Immaculate?

Immaculate It is a film that focuses on Cecilia, a nun played by Sweeney. In order to find a spiritual connection, she goes to live in a distant convent; However, far from proving her spiritual connection, faces an experience of danger, fear and despair who question their religious beliefs.

During the movie there is also a mysterious pregnancy which is initially considered a miracle, but as the plot progresses Cecilia discovers that it may not be a blessing, but that her life is being stalked by a dark entity.

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