Talina Fernández’s house in Acapulco can be rented through Airbnb – El Diario NY

Talina Fernández’s house in Acapulco can be rented through Airbnb – El Diario NY

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The properties of the recently deceased journalist Talina Fernandez It continues to be a topic of conversation, since his heirs have taken it upon themselves to spread the intentions they have with each thing that ‘La Dama del Buen Decir’ left behind when she died.

Pato Levy recently gave an interview on the television program ‘Ventaneando’, where he again assures that they will sell the great mansion of Fernández in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico Citythe same residence that he showed a few weeks ago in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Supposedly one of the main reasons why they decided to put the mansion up for sale is because they don’t have enough money to maintain the place.

With the necessary information about what will be done with the place that was the journalist’s home for decades, the media have begun to inquire about other properties she had in Mexico. That was how the house in Acapulco became a topic of conversationwhich Fernández bought together at the time when that city was at its best.

It must be remembered that in recent years the place has been visited by multiple stars, who have even invested in properties facing the sea. Among the homeowners in Acapulco are: Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Roberto Palazuelos.

According to Pato Levy, at the moment They have no intention of putting this residence up for sale. but they will turn it into a place for tourists who go to Acapulco.

The property, known as QuinTalina, is available through the Airbnb platform for $233 dollars not including taxes.

The oceanfront home offers five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, and other amenities.

The description reads: “We meet behind the yacht club in old Acapulco and we have the amenities so that families and large groups can stay in one place, our house has a wonderful view of the entire bay, within the facilities you can find a small bathing pool and the condominium has a large general one.

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