Taylor Swift criticized for “ignoring” Céline Dion at the Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift criticized for “ignoring” Céline Dion at the Grammy Awards

The night of the delivery Grammy awards was full of surprises, from the reappearance of Celine Dion after several years of absence, until Taylor Swift becoming the first person to win 4 Grammys for Album of the Year.

And precisely a moment starring both singers was one of the most talked about of the night, as it caused several criticisms to be showered on the “Love Story” singer on social media.

Why was Taylor Swift criticized at the Grammy Awards?

Since 2022, Céline Dion has stayed away from the stage, after announcing her diagnosis of stiff person syndromebut in the Grammy Awards 2024 made a new appearance to present one of the most important awards: Album of the year.

Upon taking the stage, the 55-year-old singer was greeted by the audience with a prolonged standing ovation; However, when presenting the award to Taylor Swift for her album “Midnights”, Dion was ignored.

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The moment was widely commented on social networks, where users commented that Swift’s gesture of ignoring Dion was “a lack of respect.”

“He left her waiting and left the ‘thank you’ or something, he didn’t even turn to see Celine Dion,” commented one user on Twitter.

However, some people also commented that it was simply that “Taylor’s nerves betrayed him.”

Furthermore, to show that there is no friction between celebrities, Céline Dion and Taylor Swift posed together in a photo where they look happy and hug each other.

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