Tender grandfather brings food to his granddaughter to work on his bicycle: it goes viral on TikTok

The love of grandparents is unconditional and is shown in the following story that was shared through TikTok for his granddaughter, who shared that he brings her lunch every day.

In the recordingwhich lasts 16 seconds, shows the moment where the grandfather arrives at his granddaughter鈥檚 work on board his bicycle to the establishment鈥檚 parking lot to bring her food, until now the clip already exceeds 2.5 million views and more than 300 a thousand likes

Thus, this older adult stole the hearts of the users of the various social networks, after his granddaughter Jhoana Espinoza published the video, 鈥渕y grandfather every day taking me lunch to my work,鈥 reads the video.

鈥淭ell me you鈥檙e a millionaire without being a millionaire鈥

Some Internet users admired the young woman, whom they congratulated for such sincere love for her grandfather, as well as showing it off to everyone, highlighting the importance of her permanence in the mexican families.

Before this very tender action, the comments were immediate, 鈥渕ay grandparents be eternal鈥, 鈥you saw how I envy you, take advantage of it, you who have it鈥, 鈥渂eautiful, God bless you always, you are really lucky鈥, 鈥渨hat a beautiful grandfather, I never had a grandfather, he died when my mother was little. Enjoy every moment with him.鈥


Likewise, Johana also uploaded another video where he interviews his grandfather, who indicates his age, 鈥淚 am 80 years old, five years old, I was born on December 14, 1941, Sunday, at 4 in the afternoon, in a ranch called 鈥淐hapotito 脕lamos鈥 in Sonora.鈥

In addition, the granddaughter tells her Grandpa that there are those who expressed that he should no longer ride bicycleso he replied, that he does it with pleasure and that he feels 22 years old.

Before this interview, the users returned to fill with very positive comments towards the elderly person, for his great spirit, the love towards his family and the attitude he demonstrates in the face of various life situations.

note published in The Sun of Tampico

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