Tennessee legislator tries to pull down umpires’ pants at high school basketball game

Legislador de Tennessee intenta bajar los pantalones a los arbitros en el juego de baloncesto de la secundaria

A Tennessee state legislator lost his head in a high school basketball game this week and was kicked out of the gym after trying to pull down the referee鈥檚 pants.

Later, State Rep. Jeremy Faison was forced to issue a public apology and admitted that he simply 鈥渓ost my junk.鈥

The legislator drew the cameras Tuesday when he stormed onto the court at a Providence Academy game in Johnson City, furious over an unsportsmanlike conduct technical foul called by the referee.

鈥淵ou can鈥檛 tell me to get off the court, this was your fault,鈥 Faison snapped at referee Paul Pendleton, before turning around and trying to remove the official鈥檚 pants.

The lawmaker was expelled from the gym after the third-quarter incident, and police were subsequently called to the scene, The Tennessean newspaper reported.

It didn鈥檛 take long for the red-faced Faison to emit a mea culpa on Twitter, admitting that he 鈥渁cted like a fool鈥 during the incident.

鈥淔or years I thought how bad it is when a parent loses his temper at a sporting event,鈥 he tweeted. 鈥淗e is not Christian and he is not mature and he is shameful for the child, they have always been my thoughts.

鈥淯nfortunately, I played dumb tonight and lost my temper with a referee,鈥 he wrote. 鈥淚 wanted him to fight me. I completely lost my trash and got kicked out of the gym.

鈥淚鈥檝e never lost my temper, but I did tonight and it was completely stupid of me,鈥 he said.

Emotions that get in the way of rational thinking are never good. I hope I can find the referee and ask for his forgiveness. I was too bad鈥.

It鈥檚 unclear if Faison has yet apologized to Pendleton, but the referee filed a complaint against the legislator with the Tennessee High School Athletic Association, which is still pending, according to the Tennessean.


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