Texas launches job vacancy for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $12,000 per month I REQUIREMENTS

Texas launches job vacancy for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $12,000 per month I REQUIREMENTS

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Spear Angels Heritage Group vacant of employment for people who speak Spanishif you are a person with a sense of responsibility and professional ethics. Facility with words and communication skills, sense of organization, sales ability and willingness to work in customer service are some of the skills that the person interested in this job vacancy must have.

The position offered is as a bilingual sales representative, therefore it is essential that the person interested in this job I spoke spanish. In this job position, the sales representative will be in charge of providing attention to clients who request the company’s services. They must identify which insurance policy is the most appropriate for each type of client, therefore they must know the products and services that are available. They offer perfection.

By putting their communication skills into practice, the employee must strengthen their relationship with clients, as well as analyze possibilities to obtain new captive clients. One of the requirements fundamental to apply to this vacant is to be willing to obtain a life insurance license, this license is acquired based on commissions. This job offers options for full-time or part-time positions.

Requirements and benefits of this job vacancy in Texas

Is requirement have authorization to work legally in USA, this employment It is aimed exclusively at people who speak Spanish fluidly, the salary offered is 12,000 dollars a month. The interested party is requested to have a minimum of 1 year’s experience in a similar job vacancy; a specific school degree is not required to be able to apply for the job.

This job in Texas offers some additional benefits to the salary of 12,000 dollarsFor example, the employee who fills this job position will have dental insurance, vision insurance and health insurance. The employer offers flexible work schedules, especially if you are interested in covering the morning shift. Payment of the commissions you make will be delivered to you daily.

The insurance mentioned above is also available to the immediate family of the employee who covers the vacant of sales representative. This vacancy has remote work options if you want to work from home, the introductory course to the position is carried out digitally. If you meet the requirements and these benefits seem attractive to you apply to this vacancy for people who speak Spanish clicking here.

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