Thalí García uploads romantic photos with her husband Felipe Aguilar after scandal with Telemundo – El Diario NY

Thalí García uploads romantic photos with her husband Felipe Aguilar after scandal with Telemundo – El Diario NY

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The Mexican actress Thalí García She uploaded some romantic photos to her Instagram account with her husband Felipe Aguilar, after the scandal she was involved in by making strong complaints against the Telemundo network for alleged irregularities that occurred with her participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’.

After the dust calmed down, the actress from the series ‘The Lord of the Skies’ took the opportunity to dedicate some romantic words to her partner.

In the publication, the artist wrote: “If they knew. Love of my life”. Her husband also posted the same message in the comments, demonstrating the complicity they have between them.

Many users reacted to this publication with messages like: “Well, didn’t you say in a publication that you were separating, divorcing? I’m confused. Happy birthday”, “Hate me, but Thalí is too beautiful for him, but the goal is for her to be happy”, “Oh, no, beautiful ones, let them print more Felipes”, “Today I met envy, I can only applaud her husband “Thali because he is the luckiest man and for that reason alone he deserves my admiration and respect.”

Others wrote: “Felipe, people talk without sense because what they carry inside their hearts comes out of their mouths. Those who speak without knowledge of the facts: they expel toxicity and do not care who they may affect. Felipe: a wonderful man, a human being who loves his family and does everything within his power for the happiness and union of those he loves.”

These images were taken on Thalí García’s birthday, a moment in which she shared with her loved ones to celebrate a new year of life.

In a reel that she uploaded, the Mexican dedicated a word to her family, friends and her audience: “This was, without a doubt; A birthday I will never forget. Full of challenges, mixed feelings and a lot of love. My blood is soaked with a lot of strength and a lot of courage. God always shows me that life: is full of color. I am sure that one of the best years of my existence has just begun. Thank you life because yesterday I received many gifts that I never imagined. Welcome to my 34 years.”

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