Thank you Shakira for giving voice to those who have given horns to others

Thank you Shakira for giving voice to those who have given horns to others


Shakira did what many of us would have wanted to do if we had known how to sing when they cheated on us.

The best proof that his idea was not crazy is that it became a worldwide success. The video for “Music Session #53”, a cold title that does not resemble what the song says and produced by the Argentine Bizarrap, had 63,736,321 views in the first 24 hours, snatching the world record from “Despacito”.

Yes, Shakira made the whole world comment on the lyrics of a song that has already managed to change history. For a moment we forgot about Harry’s Biography, Biden’s classified documents, Miss Universe… What Shakira sang to Pique seemed to be the only important thing this week. Yes, this week Shaki became the headline of even the most serious news.

No one, that I remember, had dared as much as Shakira has done musically.

I, who am from the days of Jose Luis Perales and Rocío Jurado, enjoyed mischievously when the Spaniard recounted singing “that it’s been a long time since I felt anything doing it with you”… Not to mention the pain that it gave me when singing at the top of my lungs that ” and how is he? Where did he fall in love with you?… Ask him why he has stolen a piece of my life…”.

Legend has it that Jose Luis Perales wrote this song for Julio Iglesias, when Isabel Preysler, Julio’s wife, fell in love with the Marquis of Griñón. The truth is that Julio preferred to sing to Isabel: “Hey, don’t go around showing off, saying that I can’t be without you” and turn the betrayal into poetry.

The years passed, the music changed, the horns never disappeared, and poetry took another path. Paquita la del Barrio tried to cure love sorrows with harsher words: hers “filthy rat, creeping animal” placed her on the list of favorites for women and earned the contempt of men with those phrases.

But the day that Pique cheated on our beloved Shakira with Clara Chía, he did not suspect that thanks to his betrayal, his wife would score the greatest goal in the history of music in Spanish and that she would surpass “Despacito”.

Let’s be clear: they say that infidelity hurts more than widowhood. “At least when you know that he died, you also know where he is,” said a cuckold friend of my grandmother’s.

Shakira was no exception. The most famous Colombian in the world showed that neither having money, nor fame, nor being intelligent and not even having that movement of the hips serve to stop a betrayal of love.

We all hurt the same. What not all of us can do is sing it as she has done:

He has the name of a good person.
Clearly… mind is not as it sounds
Sorry baby, it’s been a while
That I should have thrown away that cat
A wolf like me is not for a rookie
I only make music, sorry that you get out… Pique
You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law
With the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury

More clearly not a rooster crows they would say in my land, which is the same land as Shakira. The critics, those who play at being God, were quick to judge her with the same excuses that they taught us women since we were girls: how quiet they say we look prettier, that dirty laundry is washed at home, how poor those children are. with a mom singing profanities to dad…

Poor those kids… yes, poor things! but for having a treacherous father. That his mother has sung a truth with music, I don’t think it harms them more than going out for a walk with the woman for whom her father destroyed her family and incidentally her mother’s heart.

I don’t even know what happened to you
You are so strange that I can’t even tell you apart
I’m worth two out of 22
You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo
You traded a Rolex for a Casio.

The lyrics not only removed old betrayals… They say that Casio took advantage of the song’s boom and sent Piqué gift watches. They also say that Casio denied it… Renault took advantage of the mention of Twingo and put on Twitter: “For Guys and Tipas like you, turn up the volume” and posted a photo of the Twingo with the number 22, which is the age of Clara Chía. The cherry on the cake? Piqué driving a Twingo.

10 hours after the song came out, T-shirts were already being sold with that phrase that is already a motto: “Women don’t cry, women bill.”

That only achieves Shakira.

The jokes multiplied;

“Love: Did Shakira’s song affect you?” the wife says to her husband and he answers: “No, Clara, let’s not make Casio about that. I Twingo you.”

That only achieves Shakira.

Thank you Shaki for daring to play with the words that broke your heart. Thank you for not hiding and going out one day with makeup and saying something like: “I wish you all to be very happy.”

When she found out that she was number one in the world, Shakira was grateful for having achieved it in Spanish and at 45. “We have to get up 70 times 7. Not as society orders us to, but in the way that occurs to us, the one that helps us to get ahead for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us “

Thank you Shaki for giving voice to all those that others have given horns to.

About the author

Luz María Doria is a Colombian immigrant, journalist, executive producer of Despierta América and author of the books “La Mujer de mis Sueños” and “Tu Momento Estelar”. You can find her column every Monday in our printed newspaper and on this website.

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