that does not escape

that does not escape

Some facts suggest that the mourners of Venevisión have revived and that they are willing to prevent the sixty-year-old channel from remaining longer in the worrying lethargy reflected on the screen.

On October 31, the information circulated with the name of Andrés Badra as the new general manager of the television station. The executive has significant experience in the audiovisual field, after having developed his career in national, foreign and subscription channels. In a few words and according to the announcement, his challenge is to adapt the company to the reality determined by the strengthening of alternative media.

On November 16, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Miss Venezuela offered a decent show, in tune with international trends, thanks to the strategic alliance signed with Advanta Producciones. Seeking external support, if own resources are scarce, is a successful formula, although it may compromise the independence of criteria. The subsequent scandal over the results has nothing to do with the show.

Just 10 days later, on Saturday the 26th, VV premiered the program “Come whoever comes”, with the comedian and entertainer Wilmer Ramírez as the main anchor. Undoubtedly, something striking, since it is not usual for television stations to launch spaces in the final stretch of the year. In addition, the bet marks the reunion of Ramírez with the Venezuelan public, beyond the monologue that has taken him to different rooms in the country.

And, on November 30, the Tigrito channel presented its traditional Christmas message. Although it lacks the lavishness of yesteryear and remains in the modest line of recent years, there is something in the atmosphere that conveys optimism. Hopefully it’s an allegory of the Phoenix bird.

In addition, there are rumors that assure that in La Colina they are preparing the cannons to return to battle, with everything, in 2023. In accordance with this species, they will reinforce their informative spaces with live broadcasts and they will resume the production of varieties with more zeal, between February and March.

The industry’s history attests that Venevisión has a great capacity to overcome downturns. His fight for the rating with Rctv was a permanent test that he used to pass successfully. Now it is up to him to measure himself against Televen, which came out of hibernation early, obtaining the rights to important sporting events such as the World Cup in Qatar.

In summary, in little more than a month, there have been interesting movements in the channel of the Cisneros organization which, according to some voices, has also been tempted by the offer of an economic group willing to invest in it. Perhaps that was the bell that woke up the mourners.

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