The 3 songs that Shakira wrote talking about the stages of her duel

The 3 songs that Shakira wrote talking about the stages of her duel


Shakira: the three songs that represent the stage of her duel (Instagram)

Shakira: the three songs that represent the stage of her duel | Instagram

The singer Shakira and Gerard Piqué They met at the 2010 World Cup, their love story began the moment they saw each other, some time later their relationship was confirmed, years later the family grew with the arrival of their children Sasha and Milan.

However, it seems that they had to put an end to this story, because in June of this year, through a statement, the Colombian confirmed that they were indeed separating, leaving all netizens in shock, as they were shown with a of the most stable couples on the internet.

Unleashing a series of rumors and completely opening an investigation to find out with whom the Spanish player had cheated on the goddess of the movement of the hips, this news surprised everyone but once they began to analyze the lyrics of the recent songs of the singer-songwriter discovered something.

turns out Shakira For some time now, he has been talking about his relationship with Gerard Piqué was no longer the same, through her songs she made known the different stages of grief that all of us who have suffered from a breakup go through.

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So we bring you the three songs that talk about the stages of their mourning within the relationship, first with the musical theme:

This song came out years after the singer did not release a new musical, her first song completely in English after many years since she released the last one. “Don’t Wait Up” was announced on July 16, 2021, more than 50 million views, part of the lyrics of it speaks of the following:

“Don’t let your mind think there’s someone else, someone else
I just need to do something for myself, oh”

“Why don’t you put the phone down and look me in the eye?
I dressed up for you but you seem so busy
Maybe space is all it takes, it’s time to get ready”

“First I kissed you
then i got mad at you
because I would like
be happy without you
if i abandon you
Then maybe you’d understand”

This is the stage of the relationship where Shakira and Gerard Piqué already know that things are going wrong between them, it’s not like before, but they still have that hope of making things work.

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Shakira: the three songs that represent the stage of her mourning, photo: instagram

Now we move almost a year later, in April of this year, the Colombian premiered:

In collaboration with the reggaeton player Rauw Alejandro, a song that speaks of a betrayal, is the acceptance that what is yours can no longer be fixed and the anger of realizing everything you lived through, everything you let go, part of the lyrics says :

“To complete you I broke into pieces
I was warned but I didn’t listen
I realized that yours is false
It was the drop that overflowed the glass

don’t tell me you’re sorry

That seems sincere, but I know you well and I know you lie.”

In mid-October, Shakira released “Monotony” with this closing that cycle of life, accepting that they both did what they could, without speaking ill of him, tells how he feels after leaving that relationship:

“It wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t mine.
It was the monotony’s fault
I never said anything but it hurt me
I knew this would happen”

For a long time, the Latin singer has expressed how she feels, but the fans never imagined that their relationship was really bad.


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