The actress Gina Romand, “The Category Blonde” died

The actress Gina Romand, “The Category Blonde” died

Renowned Cuban-Mexican actress Gina Romand passed away in Mexico City. The film and television figure had been hospitalized for several days for pneumonia. She was 84 years old.

This was announced by his son Gabriel Varela through his social networks. «With all my pain, I say goodbye to my mother, Gina Romand, who always illuminated my life, now she rests in peace illuminating the sky with her eternal brightness. I will always miss you and love you forever. She rest easy my category blonde, “she said.

Georgina García y Tamargo was born on February 15, 1938 in Havana, Cuba. She began her career as a vedette and later ventured into film and television; On the big screen she acted in more than 30 films, she detailed People in Spanish.

The Cuban woman who conquered national cinema with her talent and beauty in the 80s was recognized as “La Rubia de Categoría” thanks to the fact that she was the image of the Superior beer commercial.

Also, she was promoted by the well-remembered American actress Farrah Fawcett and became popular with the phrase “The blonde that everyone wants”, which became her catchphrase.

More of his trajectory

He made his film debut when he was barely 15 years old, the 1953 film “I am very macho”, his first appearance in the cinema.

She was the star of films such as “Fray Don Juan” (1970) and “Quinto Patio” (1970) and was nominated for an Ariel Award in the category of Best Female Co-Acting for her portrayal of actress Kiki Herrera Calles in the biopic of the singer. José José, “Gavilán or dove” (1985).

Also, he managed to stand out in the films “The hand that squeezes”, “Saint against the daughter of Frankenstein”, “The revenge of the vampire women”, among other productions. His last participation in dramas was in “Love in custody” on TV Azteca.

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