The alarming PROPHECY that Rasputin made more than a century ago about the end of the world

The alarming PROPHECY that Rasputin made more than a century ago about the end of the world

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Perceived as a ‘mad monk’ in his time and still today, Grigori Yefímovich ‘Rasputin,’ was known for his accurate omens and skills as a healer. This Russian mystic was even at the service of the royalty of Saint Petersburg for years; and although he is a feared figure due to some fictional stories related to his life, his knowledge and predictions were always highly valued; highlighting in particular, a famous prophecy about him End of the world that gave him worldwide fame.

What did Rasputin say about the End of the World during 2024?

In recent hours, thanks to the solar storms that stood out this month of May, some Internet users have taken to social networks to remember the prophecy that Rasputin had on him End of the worldand which coincidentally, is attached to the perceived reality during 2024. In the context of heat waves, geomagnetic storms and the long-standing climate crisis; The Russian mystic assured that humanity would become extinct by its own hand, causing natural disasters related to neglect of the environment, and at the same time, awakening the wrath of God:

«The air that today descends into our lungs to bring life will one day bring death. And the day will come when there will be no mountain nor hill; There will be no sea or lake that will not be enveloped by the fetid breath of death. All men will breathe death and all men will die from the poisons suspended in the air. The plants will get sick, and they will die one after another (…) Every day, men will march dazed and poisoned by poisonous rains.»

This prophecy is registered in the personal files of Rasputinand even experts highlight that it was made shortly before his assassination in 1916. Meanwhile, when various academics strive to interpret these texts, they highlight the expertise of Rasputin to predict climate change. In his time, there was no indication that the Earth would warm to the temperatures it has reached today; and yet the ‘End of the world‘of which the Russian mystic speaks, touches contemporary reality with great accuracy.

Regarding the part of ‘poisonous rains’ and polluted air that ‘will lead to the death of men and plants,’ it is very easy to think of the polluting effects present in the environment; caused by the massive number of forest fires, the burning of fossil fuels, industrial emissions, various means of transportation, etc. In any case, and despite the skepticism of some, it is clear that Rasputin was not the only one who was ‘ahead’ of his time to warn about the prophecy of the ‘End of the world‘thanks to human intervention.

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