The American Music Awards were not without drama

The American Music Awards were not without drama

The dress code for the black carpet at the American Music Awards (AMA), held on November 20, was made up of extravagance, glamor and drama.

As if it were some kind of Met Gala, the musical artists demonstrated the creativity of luxurious designs and their styling teams.

Without further ado, we will review this parade of elegance that, it must be said, had few common places. In addition, gloves prevailed among the girls as one of the accessories.

Machine Gun Kelly

In short, the American singer and actor would have been crowned king if an extravagance contest had taken place.

Although she never looks conventional, regardless of whether it is liked by the majority or not, this time Kelly exceeded everyone’s expectations with this suit that featured pointed designs by Dolce & Gabbana. After receiving an award at the ceremony, he himself referred to her remarkable style play in his acceptance speech. “It’s very difficult to pee in this thing,” he said.

The rapper was able to wear the suit successfully thanks to his great height (1.92 m) and that rockstar air that he never leaves forgotten at home. His hairstyle was also a determining factor in achieving this brilliant final result, with details such as his chain, rings and nose rings that finished giving him a successful tone. Divine!

baby rexha

We are clear that this pop diva did not go unnoticed with her Buerlangma signature outfit. It was a design that, although risky, harmonized very well with her and her attributes. In this way, Bebe was one of those who knew how to incorporate drama on the black carpet of the American Music Awards and freshness with that beautiful fabric.

Another hit, it would have to be said, is that the “I’m a Mess” vocalist wore very simple makeup, as she was already telling a story with her vibrant outfit.

Becky G

He ate it! The singer arrived with a very well worked monochrome look, full of exuberance and luxury. If you look closely it’s not the most impressive thing, but the ties and gloves are accessories that made this look so special.

Although she did not lose her angelic look, unlike other times she chose something more sober that she also accompanied with a beautiful eyeliner and an irresistible lipstick.

Dove Cameron

In Our Hearts Dove was honored not only for her musical talent, but for her daring style, one of the most distinctive on the carpet.

Marc Jacobs is the luxury brand that dressed this young diva who, like few of her colleagues, forgot about dresses and opted for a combination in which she looks fierce and defiant. Her styling with her ponytail and her thin braids also played an important role, as did her killer look, which helped her turn on and stand out among that parade of outfits.


The rapper went beyond fabulous with her sensual choice in black, which seemed based on her darker and more dramatic side. Dilara was the creative brand of the design, she recently did a campaign with Bella Hadid and also dressed Kylie Jenner.

But back to the important thing, the young singer was noticed, mainly for the transparent veil in which she sheltered her voluptuous figure, her prominent nails and full matte red lips.


The Brazilian Anitta resolved her look by highlighting a special part of her body: the rear. Other than that, her Mugler gown of hers was elegant and though somewhat plain, compared to other ball gowns, she also didn’t fall under the ordinary or boring.

kelly rowland

The beautiful interpreter of “Dilemma” appeared in an animal print gala suit and latex gloves that she combined with a powerful red lipstick. Crafty distinctions that took her outfit to the next level. Just as she arrived, she left, because with such an outfit she did not need a change of clothes, as other artists did.

The elegant neckline was also a special element in this timeless outfit that she accompanied with a beautiful haircut, very beneficial for her face.

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