The best applications to see how your tuned car would look

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If you want to give your car a new image, but first you want to see how it would be tuned, discover the best applications and thus decide if you dare to give your vehicle that new look.

Currently there are various design applications in which you can see how your car would be tuned, you can do it over and over again, until you decide how it would look.

There are programs and applications that can be used both on computers Apple Windows and Macas well as on iOS and Android devices.


Let鈥檚 start with 3D Tuning, which is an application with which you can virtually tune cars, where you can apply all kinds of parts, paints, images and generally create the design you want.

3D Tuning works on Android systems, where you practically have an entire workshop at your fingertips to customize the design you want for your car.

It has more than 500 different models of cars, so you can choose yours and start running your imagination with the tools and elements that the application has.

So from your cell phone you can tune your car and check how it would look, if you don鈥檛 like it, you can experiment with each of the tools.

Car Tuning Studio-Modify 3D APK

This application is available on the iOS operating system and is easy to use, so you can design your car tuning before you spend money and the result is not what you expect.

You can download this application from your iPhone and start with the modifications you want to make to your car, you can change the color, tires, some of its auto parts, the limit is your imagination.

This application has more than 1,000 different models so that you can design the car of your dreams, modify and improve the one you have, but with a very personal style.


Now let鈥檚 continue with the programs that you can use on computers.

We start with Adobe Photoshop, a program that is cataloged as one of the best and most complete. It can be used in both Windows and Apple, it has various tools with which great designs can be achieved.

For car tuning you can create digital illustrations, paint, modify and create various designs with which you can see how your car would look if you want to give it a new look.

The program is easy to use, even beginners can do it, there are even tutorials for you to learn in a simple way and you can tune your car.

Corel Painter

Without a doubt, this is one of the most competitive Photoshop programs, and it is one of the most complete that exists in the digital market.

With Corel Painter you can easily create and improve the designs of the cars, to leave them to your liking and the results will really surprise you.

It is one of the programs that has a realistic effect that will make you live and feel how your tuned car will look like.

It has various tools that are ideal for tuning, you can add filters, retouch images, overlay them, crop or it has the ability to improve any type of image.

Paint Tool SAI

With this program you can create and improve all kinds of images, although it is not as advanced and powerful as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, it is considered one of the best on the market.

And it is that it is simple to use and great results are obtained. It has an excellent interface that makes it even more attractive for all audiences.

It allows beginners to explore the world of digital design, which is an advantage, since it is very intuitive and great creations can be achieved for your car.

With Paint Tool SAI you can get good results easily and quickly.

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