The BEST fruit you have in your kitchen and that you can add to your orchids to revive them

The BEST fruit you have in your kitchen and that you can add to your orchids to revive them


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If you are a fan of gardening and yours flowers favorites are orchids, Below we are going to present you one of the best tips that you could find this 2024, since it is a fertilizer made from a citric that without a doubt you have in your kitchen and that it will return life and vitality to these beautiful species that will undoubtedly make some of them look like new and this is what you should know about it.

Let us remember that this plant, which is scientifically known as Orchidaceaeis part of the family of floors monocotyledonswhich are distinguished by the complexity of their flowers and their interactions ecological with pollinating agents and with the fungi with which they form mycorrhizae, so without a doubt it is one of the spices to which much more attention and certain special care should be paid.

These beautiful flowers that according to the Feng Shui are associated with the abundance and the prosperity Being clear attractors of fortune and wealth, they are also known for their eccentricity and beautiful appearance, but according to experts, the good conditions of this species only last two to three months, but with the advice that we are going to present to you, you can return all the vitality and it’s much easier to do than you imagine.

And the main protagonist of the homemade fertilizer that we are going to present to you today is nothing more and nothing less than lemon, Well, according to the experts, he is one of the members of the citrus family that without a doubt have a lot to offer to floors, and even if you don’t believe it, their great properties come back to life in your orchids Even though you are about to die, so take note.

Homemade lemon fertilizer for orchids

According to specialists, this delicious fruit is one of the main calcium sources for the floorssince it also contains citric acid, which can help balance pH of the soil in which they are found and with that they can absorb nutrients effectively, so their growth and foliage It will be almost immediately, and that is why there is no better solution than making our own homemade fertilizer and here we tell you how.

It is important to mention that the only thing you have to do is bury a lemon and its peels, since this brings numerous benefits to the land, In addition, it greatly favors the growth of floors and offers an excellent homemade insecticide natural, which is why it is considered one of the great treasures of the gardening tips, So we will tell you how to do it, because the results will be much more effective than you imagine.

  • You just have to grab the peel of the whole lemon.
  • Boil a liter of water.
  • Add these chopped peels and let them release their properties for 15 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and let cool.
  • Strain the preparation into a glass bottle.
  • Start misting your orchids’ soil periodically and expose them to natural light but not directly.


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