The best trick to get rid of gray hair with only 3 kitchen ingredients

The best trick to get rid of gray hair with only 3 kitchen ingredients

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest problems we experience as we age and mainly in women are white hairwhich appear sooner or later inevitably in our hairmaking it known that we are aging or that they also appear prematurely, which is why we usually resort to applying dyes that can affect the health of our hair.

And many of the dyesthey usually have chemicals that can damage our hair and harm it, so the treatment could be much more expensive, so it would not only combat white and gray hair, but also make the hair look healthy and strong.

This is why many choose to cover or remove gray hair in more natural ways to protect from the roots to the ends and avoid any type of damage and they usually resort to home remedies to achieve this and expect excellent results that also last for longer times.


Home remedy to combat gray hair

Now, we will teach you how to make a home remedy with three ingredients that are not only natural, but we also usually have them in the kitchen, as they help us add flavor to food or even to make infusions and some of them are often used in beauty matters.

Its about rosemary, sage and green teawhich offer us various properties, since they are antioxidants, healing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, antiseptic, bactericidal, antioxidants, flavorings, among others that will contribute to the health of the hair and against gray hair.

With the help of these three kitchen ingredients, gray hair will disappear in a matter of 72 hours, since the mixture we will make is quite powerful and effective, and below we will tell you how to do it and how to apply it in just a few simple steps.


We will need to boil tea bags or the same amount of green tea, sage and rosemary in a liter of water and boil over low heat for five minutes, after this you must remove it from the heat and mix, to finally let it rest for the whole time. one day while inside in a closed container.

After the specified time has passed, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it all over your hair, mainly in the area where you find that you have the most gray hair, so you will have to distribute it very well and when you finish, put on a shower cap and Let it sit for an hour and wash as normal.


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