The biggest betting scandals in the history of sports in the United States – La Opinion

The biggest betting scandals in the history of sports in the United States – La Opinion

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Betting and games of chance have been part of the world of sports for many decades. and the increase in recent years has been notable without a doubt, in the year 1919 eight members of the Chicago White Sox, a Major League team, apparently launched the World Series, that is, they sold it. Although a jury found him not guilty of the charges, each player received a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball for the entire case.

Through the ages, investigations have been carried out on coaches, referees, and players for apparent bets., reduction of points and other infractions that simply have no place in the morals and values ​​of the sporting world. The results of these have led to suspensions, bans, dismissals, resignations and many more sanctions, monetary and very important as well as relevant.

The most recent scandal involves former Japanese interpreter and Los Angeles Dodgers star, Shohei Ohtani, Ippei Mizuhara, and this is one of the many stories of what is happening in the world of sports betting, both in the amateur and professional world.

The most notorious cases in history

Calvin Ridley and another NFL

The NFL has included the most negative news about the game in recent times, and there is a case long-standing in this sporting discipline; Two future members of the Hall of Fame, Paul Hornung and Ted Karras, were involved in this type of issues, which is why they were suspended for the 1963 season and Art Schlichet lost the 1983 season while serving his sentence.

Then the year 2022 would arrive and Calvin Ridley went through a suspension an entire year for violating the NFL’s gaming policies.

But despite this, the future shone brightly for Ridley, who returned to the field defending the colors of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2023 and surpassed 1,000 yards. After that he managed to sign a contract worth a total of $50 million guaranteed dollars to join the Tennessee Titans. Last year, the league handed out suspensions to a total of 10 players, including seven indefinite bans for betting on NFL games.

Referee Tim Donaghy in the NBA

The NBA is one of the leagues that has largely avoided any scandal that has to do with betting problems So far, although there has recently been an investigation against the player Jontay Porter, brother of Michael Porter Jr, star player of the Denver Nuggets, the biggest stain on the best basketball league in the world has not been erased at all.

An investigation found that Tim Donaghy, a referee in the league for more than 10 yearsbet on games in which he was seen in action as a match manager between the 2003 and 2007 seasons. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmit betting information through interstate commerce.

Donaghy, who later accused the NBA of being corrupt in different ways seeking to clean up his image, served a total of 11 months in prison. A federal attorney called his claims “baseless” after reviewing them.

Black Sox, Pete Rose in Major League Baseball

After almost a year after the Cincinnati Reds were celebrating With a big victory in a best-of-7 series over the Chicago White Sox in the World Series of the 1919 season, the scandal went from being a rumor to one of the harshest realities and practically impossible to understand. forget.

Even though a jury returned ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts on each and every count of conspiracy to defraud, all eight players faced a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball. This decision was made in 1921 when Kenesaw Mountain Landis assumed the position of commissioner of the MLB.

The 1989 season would arrive and the all-time hit leader and also a living legend of the RedsPete Rose, accepted a lifetime suspension from MLB, after being singled out for allegations that he had placed bets on Major League games, including some in which he played and managed in Cincinnati.

The most relevant consequence is that Rose continues to be banned from the Hall of Fame. of Major League Baseball, even though the Reds team itself ignored this and included it in theirs in 2016.

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