The controversial judge’s card that had Rolly Romero winning the fight against Pitbull Cruz – La Opinion

The controversial judge’s card that had Rolly Romero winning the fight against Pitbull Cruz – La Opinion

Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz dominated from start to finish and unleashed all his power to knock out Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero to snatch the WBA super lightweight title, but For one of the judges, the American was winning the fight.

According to Chris Flores’ card, Rolly Romero He was ahead in the scores 66-65 after seven rounds. The judge, after scoring a 10-8 in favor of Pitbull Cruz in the first round, saw the American win from the second to the sixth round. With the discount of one point in the fifth (for not stopping holding the Mexican’s arm), the fight would have been tied in his opinion.

On the other hand, Judge Max de Luca He scored six of the seven rounds for the Mexican and had him winning 69-63 with the point remaining. which left his card at 69-62. For her part, Patricia Morse Jarman had Pitbull Cruz ahead 68-64, without having subtracted the point, and she only saw Romero superior in the second and third rounds.

Cruz TKO8 Romero Scorecard.pdf
This is how the scorecards went before Pitbull Cruz knocked out Rolly Romero in the eighth round. Photo Courtesy: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions.

Despite Chris Flores’ controversial card, the new Mexican 140-pound champion It was not necessary for the judges to decide the winner of the fightas he stopped Rolly Romero in the eighth round of the fight to leave no doubt of his superiority over his rival last Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

I fought with the intention of not allowing the judges to have the decision in their hands at the end of the fight. “Mission accomplished,” said the Mexican WBA champion in the in-ring interview after his exciting victory.

According to CompuBox statistics, Pitbull Cruz He landed 129 of 354 punches thrown, while Rolly Romero could only hit 85 of 341. The Mexican maintained an advantage of 51-18 in body blows and 50 in power blows, which demonstrates the dominance he had from the beginning of the fight.

0113 Rolando Romero vs Isaac Cruz
Pitbull Cruz punished Rolly Romero at will, who could do nothing to counteract him. Photo Courtesy: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions.

Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, 24, achieved an important victory against Rolly Romero and He is now the new holder of the WBA world title at 140 pounds in his debut in the category. The Mexican boxer has a professional record of 26 victories (18 of them by fast track), two losses and one draw.

For his part, Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, 27, became the WBA super lightweight champion after his controversial victory over Venezuelan Ismael Barroso, who is now interim champion of the division. The American has a record of 15 wins (12 by fast track) and two losses.

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