The Cuban shakes the platform with new content

The Cuban shakes the platform with new content

Livia Brito like a dream in a white look and good company (Instagram)

Livia Brito like a dream in white look and good company | instagram

The new content of the famous television actress who starred in soap operas such as “La Piloto” is attracting attention from the platform where Livia Brito has become one of the darlings.

In one of the new photos that the Havana-born artist shared with her more than 7 million subscribers, the alo yoga ambassador figure with a white set as the protagonist, in addition to the company with which the actress of “No man’s wife” allowed himself to be captured. {

One of her inseparable pets shone in the snapshot in the arms of Livia Brito, who added other postcards to the post she made 22 hours ago on the camera platform.

I tried you again, your mouth does not lose the taste of caramel @alo @aloyoga #alo #aloyoga, reads the text that accompanies the photo of Livia Brito Pestana.

In other of the snapshots, the endearing actress in “the soulless“He allows himself to be captured from a candy stall where he is tasting a large caramel, while wearing a brown hat and glasses, as well as a white sweatshirt, a hue that has apparently become one of his favorites.

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The reactions did not take long to appear towards the also presenter of “Dancing for a Dream” in 2014 who was highlighted for her beauty and how good she looked with her puppy:

“Beautiful bb”, “So beautiful I love the photos with your puppy”, reads some of the messages added to 33,382 likes.


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