The design of waifus in modern anime is criticized for looking very childish

The design of waifus in modern anime is criticized for looking very childish

Through a popular Blog Japanese sparked a new debate where it is pointed out that foreigners criticize the appearance of female characters in the current anime industry, pointing out that they criticize how women are represented with a rather young and childish appearance. The post in question is titled “Foreigner: The old anime were good. All the female characters in the current Japanese anime look too young.” and as a cover you can see an image of Chisato from the anime Lycoris Recoil.

Start a debate over female character designs in current anime!

Lycoris Recoil Anime Episode 10

The publication points out that the designs seen in old anime were very good and striking, which differed by more accurately representing the age of the female characters, while the current anime industry shows a great preference for recreating characters. feminine with a very childlike appearance.

They Criticize The Designs Of The Waifus In The Current Anime

Among the criticisms, some Japanese users have expressed a preference for the female character designs seen in the 1980s as showing women in a very flashy way and being an intermediate between recreating a very mature or childish female character.

Some comments from the Japanese community upon seeing the blog post were as follows:

  • That is a good argument.
  • I like the old cartoons better, they have more style.
  • I also like the character design.
  • Most of the viewer base has become childish due to the large number of otaku.
  • It is evident that the character design has deteriorated. There is no adult atmosphere those days.
  • I like city pop, but I feel like this design is out of date.

They Criticize The Designs Of The Waifus In The Current Anime

One of the users who expressed his point of view shared a comparative image of the anime K-ON!, which shows us how the design of the female characters has changed over the decades. We could say that the appearance of the female characters in the current anime is more related to the individual tastes of each fan, there are those who prefer modern designs or old designs.

Uzaki-Chan Wa Asobitai!  - This Uzaki Cosplay Stands Out For Its Big Breasts

Something important to remember is that in recent months a large number of controversies have been settled over the representation of female characters in modern anime, generating complaints related to the excess of fanservice scenes in which it is claimed that characters are s3xu4liz4n female with a rather young appearance.

A great example of these criticisms is the protagonist hana uzaki from the anime Uzaki-Chan wa Asobitai!because it is a character with a “childish” appearance with great breasts that many Western users have described as “unreal and that from no perspective represents a 20-year-old woman.”

Surprisingly, in this controversy that we cited as an example, it was seen how women with a childish appearance that did not reflect their real age and had a great personality began to issue statements indicating that these attacks are directly aimed at women with physical features similar to those of uzaki and that a lack of respect for seriously criticizing his physique and using derogatory labels.

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