The discussions between César Bono and his tenant continue – El Diario NY

The discussions between César Bono and his tenant continue – El Diario NY

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At the end of last year César Bono made public a complaint: His tenant did not want to leave the house in Huixquilucan, Mexico, that he rented to her. In addition, the woman owed a whole year of rent payments.

This information went viral on social networks and reached the courts. Finally, on December 20, 2023, it was reported that The Mexican actor had won the lawsuit against his tenantidentified as Jessica López Rivera.

When it seemed that everything was resolved, the lady López Rivera published an audio where Bono can be heard threatening her. That made all the media turn to look at the other party in the case, she was even interviewed on the program ‘De Primera Mano’, hosted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Addis Tuñón, Érika González and Lalo Carrillo.

In that same program it was learned that López Rivera continues to live in the actor’s housealthough it was said months before that he had lost the lawsuit. She explains that the protection was denied to him and it benefits her.

Clarifies that she invested a lot of money in renovations because originally the lease contract made it clear that there was an option to purchase. “The house was in poor condition when they handed it over to me,” she says.

César Bono denies statements from his tenant

Shortly after Jessica López Rivera gave her version of the story on the program ‘First Hand’, the 73-year-old actor was forced to give statements.

Bono, known for being part of the cast of the series ‘Neighbors’, he firmly denies having threatened López Rivera on the same television program where he was accused. “It’s not my voice, I don’t know who she was, but I have never threatened the lady,” she said.

What he and some media presume is that artificial intelligence tools were used to create the audio. While defending himself, Bono said, “It’s not real, just like the cars in ‘Cars’ aren’t real.”

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