The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden is finally released on mobile devices

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden is finally released on mobile devices

Crunchyroll Games has announced that western players can now download The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden on devices iOS Y Android. Crunchyroll has also confirmed that the game is now available worldwide, excluding East Asia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden will be released on PC in the near future

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden is an action RPG that follows the light novel and anime series of the same name. Players will experience a new world to assemble their own team and fight against some cults while becoming the shadow mastermind.

The game features key characters from the novel and manga, such as Shadow, Alexia, Alpha, Beta, and the rest of the series’ main cast. This game claims to offer high-quality graphics with scenes from the anime. In addition, it also features animated skills and team combos, multiple PvP modes, and cooperative raid events.

The Eminence In Shadow

The players of The Eminence in Shadow they can level up and receive bonus points for logging into the game and completing quests. At launch, all players will receive an instant 4,000 Ghost Gems for exceeding 300,000 pre-registered players.

Here are some additional ways to get additional gems:

  • Complete the beginner missions to receive a free SS rose, a 10-spin ticket and much more.
  • Log in every day to earn up to 2,100 ghost gems
  • Earn over 4,000 Ghost Gems for completing Challenge Missions
  • Join us for the Christmas Rhapsody event starting December 2

The Eminence In Shadow

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synopsis of The Eminence in Shadow:

Great heroes and diabolical villains are the types of characters people yearn to be, but this is not a thought that Cid Kagenou shares. He longs to become the true mastermind behind it all, pulling the strings and making his “machinations” drive the whole story forward. In his previous life in present-day Japan, he was unable to achieve his goals… But now, reborn in a world of magic, he will show the true eminence of shadow!

While Cid pretends to be your average mob character, he recruits members for his (fake) Shadow Garden organization, with the goal of taking down the mysterious cult that lurks in the shadows. With much improvisation, Cid leads his (fake) organization against the filthy (but surprisingly real) Diabolos Cult.

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