The emotional farewell of coach Jürgen Klopp that made him cry in his last game with Liverpool – La Opinion

The emotional farewell of coach Jürgen Klopp that made him cry in his last game with Liverpool – La Opinion

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German coach Jurgen Klopp spent almost a decade in charge of Liverpool. at the helm of the Anfield red team, an entity where he left his mark and also a legacy that will hardly be surpassed where he won 7 championships among other national and international achievements. Last Sunday, Anfield dressed in nostalgia and a lot of emotion to say goodbye in style to the coach who retired from the English club with a 2-0 victory against Wolverhampton on what was the last date of the current Premier season. English League.

The farewell was quite emotional since for the last time we could hear what had happened. It has been the favorite song and national anthem of Liverpool fans, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, which is usually sung before home games. Klopp could not contain his tears and after the match, the coach received a recognition where he spoke to the fans present and who also watched from their homes.

Emotional words from Klopp

“I am very happy for all of you, for the atmosphere, for the game, for being part of this family, for us, for how we celebrate this day. It’s just amazing. Thank you very much,” said the technician. “It doesn’t feel like an end, it just feels like the beginning because today I saw him play to a football team full of talent, full of youth, full of creativity, full of desire, full of greed. That is part of the development, that is what you need obviously,” added the German.

“But obviously for a few weeks I have been receiving too much attention, I feel really uncomfortable. But during this time I realized many things. People told me I turned them from skeptics to believers. That is not true. Believing is an active act: you have to do it yourself. I just said we have to do it. You did it. “That’s a big difference.”

“And no one tells you now to stop believing. Why is this club in better shape than ever?? Maybe sometime. I have to ask Kenny Dalglish (former Liverpool player and manager)! For a long time, let me put it this way,” he stressed without any hesitation. “We have this wonderful stadium, we have this wonderful training center. We have a world football superpower,” he made clear.

“We decide if we are worried or excited. We decide if we believe or we don’t believe. We decide if we trust or not trust. And from today I am one of you and I continue to believe in you. “I’m still a believer, 100 percent.”

“Now I am one of you. I love you to pieces. On my sweatshirt it is written “Thank you, love.” and “I will never walk alone again.” Thanks for that! They are the best people in the world. Thank you!”.

The 2-0 victory began thanks to Argentine Alexis Mac Allister, who after 34 minutes of the game he managed to score with a header, so that 6 minutes later, Jarell Quansah put the final and definitive score after defining in the opposite goal after a corner.

Who will be the new Liverpool manager?

Arne Slot will be the person in charge of replacing Jurgen Klopp and this will be his first experience directing outside the Netherlands and also has the blessing of the same German coach, since in the speech he gave to the fans present at Anfield he invented a song for his successor that the people sang quite excitedly. It is a chorus in which he sang “Arne Slot, la la la la” and all Anfiel repeated. It was the best way to close one cycle and start another.

Klopp’s championships in charge of Liverpool

Premier League 2019/20
League Cup 2021/22 and 2023/24
FA Cup 2021/22
Community Shield 2022
UEFA Champions League 2018/19
European Super Cup 2019
Club World Cup 2019

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