The exciting video call that Camilo received during a concert in Mexico

The exciting video call that Camilo received during a concert in Mexico

The Colombian singer Camilo He surprised the public who enjoyed his concert in Monterrey, Mexico, this December 29 with a video call from his wife Evaluna Montaner.

In full presentation, the artist was called by his partner, who due to his advanced stage of pregnancy could not attend this show at the Arena Monterrey.

During the appearance of the Venezuelan actress, Camilo acknowledged that he felt sorry to sing only the song “Indigo.” This is because the theme was dedicated to the arrival of their first child.

In this show, Evaluna showed her belly, to excite the fans of the couple.

The video of this moment went viral on social networks and generated thousands of comments from users.

Some messages were critical, while others applauded the love that the couple has.

“That is called marketing and you know that all this is planned because the public likes that and of course there is love and strategies to keep the public batteries know how to make money and the baby from the tummy producing ”, wrote a follower.

Another message that was seen was: “She is not the one who sings but she wants to appear everywhere. There are the hands of Ricardo Montaner ”.

“They are already bored with so much publicity, they should do something more productive and help people who really need health care in hospitals, they would do a better job,” said another user.

Evaluna and Camilo, a couple that is all the rage

Recently, the spouses uploaded a video where they gave some tips to have a relationship like them.

In the audiovisual shared on YouTube, they considered in a relationship that there are five important things: self-esteem, communication, lights and shadows, accounting and quality time.

“Before you can be in a healthy relationship, you have to be very clear about your mental and spiritual health,” said Camilo.

For her part, Evaluna considered that communication is one of the most relevant things that should be in a relationship.

“Something that I love about you is that you are constantly building bridges to the communication of different topics,” said the actress to her husband.

The couple is currently in Argentina in the middle of their “Mis Manos Tour” tour, with which they have had great success by performing in Europe, the United States and some Latin American countries.


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