The exorbitant amount of money that Qatar spent to organize the World Cup

The exorbitant amount of money that Qatar spent to organize the World Cup

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The designation of Qatar as the venue for the 2022 World Cup generated a lot of controversy. Already with the World Cup in development other aspects, such as the violation of human rights, have come to the fore and ignited the controversy enormously. But from a structural point of view, Qatar 2022 has surprised with the magnitude of its not-cheap stadiums.

Qatar’s investment in the organization of this World Cup dates back to 2017. The country’s former finance minister, Ali Sherif al-Emadi, explained that five years ago the first major infrastructure expenditures for playing soccer were made. $500 million dollars was invested earlier that year to start the whole sports-motivated revolution.

But clearly this was not enough for the Qatari project. and hosting the World Cup was a challenge that they had to overcome by far to leave a good image in this important event.

For this, the restructuring and improvements of roads, airports and hotels to facilitate and improve the experience of tourists and stars who would travel to Qatar to be part of the event. For this, according to information from Forbes, the country would have spent close to $220,000 million dollars for the tournament to take place with the new structural improvements. This number would represent 15 times more than Russia’s investment in the 2018 World Cup.

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