The family is growing!  Greta Gerwig is having another baby

The family is growing! Greta Gerwig is having another baby

Greta Gerwig announced on the late-night talk show Jimmy Fallon which will soon bring its second offspring into the world. The actress and director said that she had previously gone to an event where she thought that journalists would notice her pregnancy, but they did not.

Likewise, the interpreter has another 3-year-old son named Harold as a result of his union with Noah Baumbach, with whom the next one also procreated.

The artist said that her son loves bubble baths and that she is not yet aware that she will have a little brother or sister. She did not give further details of the gender of the new baby nor how many months she is.

Other issues that came to light were his participation in the films “White Noise” and “Barbie.” Regarding the first, directed by Baumbach, she said that despite getting a starring role in the film, she felt nervous because she had not used her skills as an actress for a long time. The film will arrive on Netflix at the end of December. “I was very nervous because I hadn’t acted in a while and we have these wonderful actors like Adam Driver in the movie.”

“White Noise” will be the film adaptation of a 1985 book of the same name. In this regard, Greta Gerwig said she read it and loved it. Her starring role is that of Babbette, who wears a permed curly hair. “I wish that was my hair in real life,” she commented.

Greta Gerwig
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When it comes to “Barbie,” he said that all the cast members did their best. In a humorous tone, she released that she became the director of the project, of which she was initially only a screenwriter, to spend more time with Margot Robbie.

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