The fight of the otakus to defend the isekai against criticism

The fight of the otakus to defend the isekai against criticism

A few days ago from the web portal myjitsu a controversy was revealed where a otaku you can’t refute a feminist and it all came about because of a collaboration that was done on a game of mahjong called jantamaputting the launch poster in the eye of the storm.

Isekai Ojisan Will Not Be Able To Normally Cast His Ending

Every time an ad showing an anime girl comes out, there is a huge uproar and it ends up being a showdown where two groups fight each other exposing their pros and cons.

What is reported in the article is that if one looks carefully at the content taught to otakus, and this is always linked to men, this content has become popular in recent years and it seems that there is a growing situation in which, although it is pointed out that it is “sexual exploitation” and there is no excuse.

Isekai Maou To Shoukan

In addition, they raise based on how the content is handled, mentioning that there is a harmfulness in why the genre of the heroines who are slaves always appears, mentioning the anime, light novels and manga that have become enormously popular, which are those of the isekai genre

What is commonly criticized about this type of genre is that its main development is that the main character buys a girl or woman who does not know the concept of freedom because she grew up as a slave and ends up turning her into his wife or wives, being the latter the isekai harem genre.

And there was no shortage of examples when it came to mentioning these genres, such as the popular novels, both “The Rising of the Shield Hero” and “Harem in Another World Labyrinth”, which became such huge successes that they were adapted into anime.

Otakus versus feminists for the isekai of slave heroines

Even without going as far as “slave heroines” as mentioned on the website, genres that combine servants and subordinates with power differences and romantic stories seem to be popular.

In addition, it is done as a mini synopsis that according to the portal would cover the majority of this genre, which divides the pros and cons even within the otaku group, and is a “too direct description where the wishes of an unpopular man” . With opinions like “I’m not confident in myself, so I’m going to ride it in a position” and “I like it as a genre, but it’s too blatant about my desires, and when I read it, it makes me feel self-loathing.”

Until now, what has been mentioned is that in this sense there is a situation in which one genre is above the other in certain aspects, which are clearly detailed and is par excellence a leg of what the genre has been. isekai.

Isekai Meikyuu De Harem Wo Seri Illus Bd/Dvd Box 2
But from what was brewing in the discussions between the two groups, they added thanks to the description given, is that they mention that they are genres based on loving relationships with situations of power of one over the other

Giving as an example the genre in which the main character becomes a lover of a heroine who has a difference in power “power love story”.

Isekai Meikyuu From Harem Wo Anime

The same is commonplace not only in the series, but also in content like Soshage. For example, “Blue Archive” that depicts the relationship between a teacher who has been assigned a new position and female students, and “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” in which the player becomes a coach and takes care of the girls.

So instead of a culture that started with soshage, this is a way of drawing relationships that developed out of so-called “idol things,” being a multi-heroine rom-com structure where the main character is a producer. and many idols are produced.

Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni

In conclusion, what was tried to clarify in this discussion that for what is mentioned from myjitsuis that at no time are they trying to question the likes or dislikes of and freedom of expression, and they do not criticize the power relationship that one character has over the other

If not, they find it disturbing to have to demonstrate the expression of sexual exploitation that is generated between the characters of these genres, saying that it is ethically complicated and harmful to deal with the situations that arise.

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