The figures that position the Qatar 2022 World Cup as the most expensive of all time

The figures that position the Qatar 2022 World Cup as the most expensive of all time

World Cup Qatar 2022 and its high economic figures.

World Cup Qatar 2022 and its high economic figures.

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The World Cup Qatar 2022 It has been involved in innumerable controversies, one of which has been the high economic figures that surround it. in all aspects and that make it by far the most expensive World Cup of all time.

The figures range from the investment of the host country to what the fans who have attended the great world soccer event have to spend.

Some figures were taken by the portal the whistlewhere several of the aspects surrounding the economic figures of this World Cup are explained.

Qatar investment

According to Statista figures, Qatar invested the exorbitant sum of $220 billion dollars to carry out the World Cup in their country.

In this sense exceeded by 1360% in what Brazil invested in 2014 and 1796% in what Russia invested at the 2018 World Cup.

In infrastructure alone, Qatar invested $10 billion dollars.

Regarding tourism and despite the restrictions, Qatar expected to receive a total of 1.2 million people during the World Cup, which is why the investment was close to $18 billion dollars.

FIFA investment

In addition to the investment from the host country, obviously you have to mention the amount of money that FIFA invested in this event.

In prizes, the highest body in world soccer invested a total of $440 million dollars.

According to Bloomberg data, the team that wins the World Cup will be awarded with $42 million dollars, while the runner-up will take $30 million dollarsfollowed by $28 million for third place and $25 million for fourth place.

In addition, the qualified teams took home $1.5 million dollars. The teams that pass the next phase will get $13 million and $17 million for those who advance to the quarterfinals.

The restrictions of the World Cup Qatar 2022

In the Qatar 2022 World Cup, several restrictive measures have been taken, among the most notorious are the prohibition of alcohol, which is why the famous Budweiser brand had to reinvent its points with a non-alcoholic drink.

Also the brand assured that it would give away all the beer as part of the celebration of the team that finally lifted the World Cup.

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