The files on your cell phone that you should never delete on Android

The files on your cell phone that you should never delete on Android

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Deleting files that you don’t need from your cell phone is a good practice that allows you to get more out of your device’s storage while improving its performance.

The problem arises when We delete a file or folder that we should not modify because it could affect the operation of the equipment. This is a recurring problem in the case of Android phone users.

The reason for this is that when connecting them to a computer the user has access to folders that are related to the operating system.

This is something that does not happen for example with Apple products, since when connecting an iPhone the only mechanism through which files can be transferred is through iTunes.

Here are the files that you should not delete under any circumstances:

1. Data

This folder stores the personal data of the user such as telephone contacts, emails received, applications installed on the device, and even the keys of WiFi networks to which you have connected.

Any modification of the information or files contained in this folder may compromise the operation of the phone.

2. System

This folder contains all the files related to the Android operating system used by the user. This includes the system applications and the user interface. While it is possible to delete this folder, doing so would make it necessary to access the phone in recovery mode.

Therefore, if you do not have much knowledge about it, it is advisable not to modify or delete this folder.

3. Recovery

Here are stored the files needed to be able to turn on the phone in recovery mode in case a problem has occurred with your operating system.

4. SDcard

This folder, although it is not recommended that it be manipulated by the user, is the one with the least risk if it is deleted. Commonly confused with external memory, it is where items such as downloaded applications and all multimedia files such as photos or music are stored.

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