The first names of the new series of “The Office” are revealed: Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore – El Diario NY

The first names of the new series of “The Office” are revealed: Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore – El Diario NY

The new “universe” series of “The Office” has begun to “recruit” the first actors who will be part of its ensemble cast: the British actor Domhnall Gleeson and the Italian interpreter Sabrina Impacciatore.

Gleesonwith a long career in film and television, has been part of large productions such as the saga “Harry Potter” as well as “Star Wars”, in addition to participating in award-winning and praised films such as “The Revenant“, “Ex Machina“, “About Time“, “Unbroken“, among other.

The actor, curiously, shared credits with one of the great stars of the first show of ““The Office”, Steve Carellin the series “The Patient” in 2022.

Regarding Impacciatore, she has spent practically her entire career in Italy through films such as “The ragioni of the heart”. It was not until 2022 that the Rome-born woman debuted in Hollywood by starring in the second season of the series “The White Lotus”.

What will the new version of “The Office” be about?

According to the specialized media Variety, the new series of “The Office” is in development under the direction of the co-creator of the original program, Greg Danielsas well as the addition of Michael Koman.

Jack Black posing.

The show, which is under the supervision of Universal Televisionit will not be a reboot of the series starring Steve Carell, Jenna Fisher, John Krasinskiamong others, but will share the same “universe” as this one. Therefore, it is expected that it will take place in an office setting or environment.

I don’t know what the term is. But it doesn’t seem like reboot is the appropriate term for that.”

Greg Daniels


After the announcement of the development of a new series of “The Office”, Greg Daniels implemented a writers’ room last January to begin work on the new series, of which there has been speculation whether members of the first show will appear. Regarding this, the actor and writer of the first show BJ Novak revealed, in previous interviews, that it is unlikely that the original cast will be available.

However, this same statement opens the door for some characters from the American series to make a cameo or concurrent appearance in the new version.

Even without an exact release date, it is expected that during the rest of the year the rest of the cast will be formed in addition to the announcement of new clues regarding the new plot.

Started in 2005, “The Office” became one of the shows with the greatest impact and significance on American television until its end in 2013, thanks to its original way of recording, its great cast and the irreverent plot.

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