The funny and epic reaction of an NBA player when his partner took the bouquet of flowers at a wedding – La Opinion

The funny and epic reaction of an NBA player when his partner took the bouquet of flowers at a wedding – La Opinion

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The eyes and spotlights of basketball fans worldwide, but especially Those of the NBA are totally focused on the finals between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks, with the former being the ones with a balance of 2 games to 0 so far. The rest of the teams and their players are enjoying their respective vacations, after a fairly close season that gave many surprises in the regular phase and the playoffs.

However, one player in particular was captured and went viral on social media. in the middle of the break of the best league in the world, and the images speak for themselves, even becoming easy prey for the creation of memes and much more.

Los Angeles Clippers star point guard James Harden was recently spotted at a wedding and became the focus of attention after a funny episode where the famous player’s partner can be seen participating in the traditional ceremony of throwing the bouquet of flowers by the bride to the public.

The funniest thing about the wedding

The scene became quite comical when Jessyka Janshel caught the bouquet of flowers and Harden’s face automatically changed drastically. His reaction, a mix of surprise, terror and something funny, generated a lot of laughter among the player’s fans and followers.

“He is literally terrified,” commented one of the users on social networks, reflecting the surprise of many when they saw Harden’s expression in the video. Other comments that were also made were: “He will get the ring from him one way or another” and “He seems excited” were part of the thousands of messages that abounded on social networks.

The tradition of throwing the bouquet of flowers at weddings is known for its symbolism, where it is believed that the woman who manages to catch said bouquet would be marrying her partner very soon or if she finds a partner she will be able to do so sooner rather than later. However, Harden’s reaction suggests that the player is not very committed to this story and is precisely one of the things that generated the most laughter about it.

Harden currently in the NBA

Harden’s career has been quite eventful; the Most Valuable Player of the 2017/2018 season He has played for the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers and is currently living with the Los Angeles Clippers, but his future is apparently not very clear since he could become a free agent next July and get a new team in his long-awaited quest to be NBA champion. Harden has always been characterized by being a great scorer and assister on the field and off it the ways in which he expresses himself have always been striking, being one of the most charismatic players in the North American league.

NBA Finals

When it comes to the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics won Game 2 after beating the Dallas Mavericks with a score of 105-98 at the TD Garden in Boston, home of the Celtics. The Mavericks will try to make the series 2-1 next Wednesday when they return home to the American Airlanes Center, against the Celtics who will have the clear mission of taking a third step and putting the final series in check.

Luka was great, no matter what he says. He is like that, he is a leader. It’s not all his fault. We are a team. We win as a team and we lose as a team,” said Jason Kidd in the press conference after the second game of the final, completely exonerating Luka Doncic from blame, despite the fact that the basketball player had assumed otherwise.

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