The girlfriend of the “Sol de México” gives one and a thousand reasons to be the favorite

The girlfriend of the “Sol de México” gives one and a thousand reasons to be the favorite


Luis Miguel his supposed girlfriend raises the temperature with very little (Instagram)

Luis Miguel his supposed girlfriend raises temperature with very little | instagram

The singer’s supposed girlfriend has been in the spotlight after the supposed relationship with Luis Miguel and the risque photos with which Mollie Gould paralyzes social networks and that you have recently shared.

In the midst of the versions about the alleged relationship that he would have with the “Sun of Mexico“, along with the courtship with Mercedes Villador, the dancer has once again attracted attention and more users to her profile.

In recent days, the one who was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend shook the social networks leaving very little to the imagination in a video that stole all eyes.


The modelAmerican actress and dancer proved once again that she is one of the most beautiful women, a beauty that does not go unnoticed by the “discographic producer“, 52 years old, who apparently circulated that he would have resumed his relationship with the 23-year-old girl.

Mollie recently featured in a clip where she showed off a tight black 3-lace ensemble, leaving her more than 83,000 followers in awe and receiving thousands of compliments and praise on the cam platform.

Through her photographs, Mollie Hannah Gould carries out risky sessions where, in addition to showing the beauty that would captivate the “ex of Aracely Arámbula“, reveals her incredible figure, which captivates more than one and adds more and more followers to her account.

So far nothing has been confirmed about the rumors that “LuisMi“he resumed his romance with the showgirl with whom he would have stayed for three years.

However, they say, it would be Mollie herself, who would assure those closest to her that she never lost contact with the star of Puerto Rican origin.

Currently, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri would culminate his courtship with Paloma Cuevas, to whom he was supposedly engaged after breaking up with the Argentine nutritionist, Mercedes Villador.

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The one born on April 19, 1970 would have left Spain and his brief romance with the Spanish woman and would have returned to Miami where they say he would meet the dancer again.


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